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020/ Gabriel Stills
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Kuldar Leement

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I’ve mastered the skill of feeling guilty for asking for anything

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digital art


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you don’t know pain or agony until you’ve lost to the same boss fight more than 3 times

and then you have the unskippable cutscene dialogue memorized, so you start repeating it in a mocking, angry voice

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The thing is when you’re bisexual, you’re not really surprised when a straight person is biphobic. Sure it sucks and you’re like “well fuck you too dude” to whoever the prick is; but it’s not so astonishing.

Biphobic gay people on the other hand, actually hurt like a motherfucker. Like bro you’re supposed to be on my side??? Like even “my people” can’t accept me?? That hurts so much more than some random dude who expects a threesome.

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To show appreciation for all those Sabriel shippers that I hadn’t even realized existed until making this blog and at the prodding of some of my followers that want free things, I’ve decided to do one of these fancy shmancy giveaways. 

"Hells yeah! Let’s LIGHT this candle!":
Winners will receive one of the prizes in the list below and it will be a surprise what you get because that’s half the fun and I kinda like the thought of you excitedly opening your package. It’s like Christmas, but without the weird grandma smell!

  1. (1) Custom Kitbash Funko Pop toy - Gabriel from funkoadventures 
  2. (1) Custom Kitbash Funko Pop Toy - FBI Sam Winchester from funkoadventures
  3. (3) 1.0” pinback buttons - “Sabriel (plaid heart)”, “winged moose”, “Casa erotica fan club”
  4. (1) braided Necklace with pendant-  Casa erotica fan club
  5. (2) 2.25” flatback magnets “Casa Erotics fan club” & “Casa Erotica Gabriel pic”
  6. (4) 1.25” pinback buttons of those little shits pics
  7. (2) 1.25” Casa erotic fan club pinback buttons
  8. (1) 2.25” flatback magnet “winged moose”
  9. (2) 2.25” flatback magnet “Sabriel (plaid heart)” & ”There’s no such thing as unicorns?”
  10. (1) Set of “Share a coke” stickers “Gabriel” and “Sam Winchester”
  11. (5) 1.25” pinback buttons “Together we soar” logo
  12. I’ll do a photo manipulation of anything you want to the best of my abilities involving up to 4 SPN characters. (Just think of the possibilities) 
  13. (unlocked at 2000 notes)
  14. (unlocked at 3000 notes)
  15. (unlocked at 4000 notes)

"You’re bossy… and short." (giggles):

  • You must be following sabriel-otp. Dem’s the brakes kiddo.
  • 3 possible ways to enter: #1 Like this post; #2 Reblog this post; #3 Follow funkoadventures between now and the end of the giveaway (Each reblog counts as one entry.)
  • Give away ends Saturday November 22nd 2014 at 11:59pm pacific time which will immediately be followed by the Acockalypse 
  • Winners will be notified via ask box and must be ok with giving me your name and mailing address. If you win the manip item your email address would be needed instead. 
  • Additional prizes will be unlocked at the note marks listed above.
  • Until USPS starts delivering to Pandora, you must be a resident of planet earth to win. 
  • Winners will be chosen at random via online random number generator matched against an excel spreadsheet of the notes. OR, i’ll lay all the names out on the floor and whichever ones my guinea pig poops on will be the winners. 

So close to 2k for the first unlockable prize addition. I’m at the edge of my seat! Well, honesty only because I haven’t put my laundry away and its right behind me… but STILL!

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My 9 year old brother started reading Harry Potter, and he asked me, so earnestly, “Were the Dursley’s mean to Harry when he was little?” I hadn’t thought much about it before, and he seemed so upset that I totally lied to that little kid. “NO! Of course they weren’t.” 

But then I couldn’t get young Harry out of my head. There must have been a time before he was resigned to their neglect that he wanted their affection.

There will never be a time when I am not absolutely broken up over this.

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Gabriel + name-calling in 9.18

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Anonymous -> How many pets do you have?

I have 2 cats, Nero and Nidalee(we call her Kacki though because she does nothing else but shit all day)
I also have a Jack Russel named Lilly but she doesn’t really count because she’s more my parents dog by now and doesn’t live with me.

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Anonymous -> Wann und wo warst du das letzte mal im Urlaub?

Uh, zuletzt war im Mai letztes Jahr für eine Woche in London mit meinem Freund und Freunden aus Österreich. Ich wär gerne noch länger geblieben aber London ist echt teuer /:Aber es war toll nach ner Ewigkeit endlich mal wieder das Land zu verlassen. Der letzte Urlaub den ich davor hatte war vor 7 Jahren.

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Anonymous -> Hattest du schon immer das Gefühl eher ein Mann zu sein?

Did you always have the feeling you’d rather be a man?
(I’ll answer in English, anon, since I got this answer more than once already and always answered privately- maybe someone else is interested in the answer)

The short answer is yes and no. I’ve never felt happy with my body but when I was a kid I couldn’t say why. I remember telling my parents time and time again that I’d rather be a boy- and back then I thought I could just be whatever I’d like to be. In my teenage years I had more problems on my platter so I coudln’t get into why I was feeling so wrong and unhappy all the time. It’s definetily always been there, but never really on the forefront of my mind. Around 14 I first started thinking seriously about my body and that the problem might not be that I grew fat. I tried dressing like the girls around me to see if it would make me feel better, but it only made it worse. The skirts I bought were worn once then left in the far corner of my closet to rot. The make up I wore was replaced with dark eyeliner and nail polish when I joined the Emo scene in my school. There at least I wasn’t treated like a girl and shunned for not fitting in.

I’ve been always very open to experiment with relationships, had them with both boys and girls. I felt more content with the partners that didn’t treat me like a girl though. I kept thinking something was wrong with me and I should just stop trying so hard to get a relationship. I thought people deserved better than this broken mess I was. That was when I started shutting people out and hiding behind drawings and my computer screen. I stopped making the effort to befriend people in my job educational class. It didn’t make me feel better though, just alone with my problem. I figured at least I wasn’t a burden to others anymore.

It was only when I was around 19 that I could finally name what it was that made me feel so bad all the time: the fact that this body I was born into wasn’t the right one for me and the role I was pushed into didn’t fit me at all.

Admitting I was trans to myself and worse, to my friends and family took another 2 years. I finally went to get treatment. Thinks are slowly getting better, now that I’m closer to being who I always was at heart. My parents somewhat accepted it, my dad more so than my mother- and the few friends I have kept standing with me which I’m forever grateful for. My boyfriend is the biggest help and I couldn’t ask for more.

Now if only someone would finally give me a chance at normalcy with a job, that would be grand. Until then I’ll just sit here drawing in the hopes of improving both my skill and mood.

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“youre so lucky that you can draw”

yyeah it was all luck and not at all grueling and emotionally exhausting practice kind of like how olympians are lucky that theyre so good at sports

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  • Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you
  • Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*
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